Sounds of Summer. Ricital
We have just finished the piano Recital for my students

It was so great to perform each of students .
Especially some of student learn from me around 11years who is going to university from this September.

After students performance, I tried to play some of piano pieces by myself.

Before today I learned from Japanese teacher and David sensei for my music.
Specially he teach me great things . I feel like so getting positive and wanted to be practice more and more.

So if some students have opportunity to go to Hong kong , I definitely recommend to learn from him.

This is his Web

David Knowles

He is so kind and teach us more relax way .
(actually my English is so bad , please some one help me- !!!)




Such a lovely teacher, David!

Music allows us to reflect on ourself, express our feelings instead of words and communicate with others:) I'm really looking forward to creating musical moments with you and your students!! お会い出来るのを楽しみにしています!
kina | URL | 2013/05/17/Fri 05:40[EDIT]
Thank you !!
Thank you for your message.
I am also looking foward to see you again soon.

When I decide to about Summer School details , I will show you all !!
Have a great weekend ^0^ 英語だけでは、コメントだめなんですね・・・
tamayuri | URL | 2013/05/18/Sat 21:05[EDIT]
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